Mortgage Banker of The Year – Mitch Florence

This person exemplifies what a professional mortgage lender should be. They must be active and involved in the Association, representing the MBA in their business dealings, and they should have a respected reputation in the community. If this person is an originator, they must have a good production record. Any outside involvement in housing related organizations, or involvement with the MBAK or MBAA enhances their consideration for this honor.

Associate of The Year – Bluegrass Land Title

This person must be from an affiliate member company of the MBA Bluegrass. They and their company should be active in the Association and provide support to the Association whenever possible. Support can be in the form of sponsorships, working on committees, helping staff events, providing speakers, etc. Longevity is a plus but only as a minor factor. The associate should be providing more to the association than just being there to increase their visibility or business.

Rising Star – Jacob Miller

This is awarded to a member who has been in the industry for 3 years or less. To be considered, this person must have been active in the Association both through attendance and work on committees or events. They should be looking at the mortgage industry as a career not just a job. If this award goes to an originator, they must have a good production record and have established themselves as a competitive and ethical member of the industry.